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  • Top 5 Major Events on GTQ
    "I joined 😎."
  • Why ?
    "The music is dying."
  • Why ?
    "Reverting to who I used to be..."
  • "With all those phobias and stuff you must live in a bubble with your hands wrapped. Away from mirrors of course."
  • Why ?
    "Why did I come back here? Ce lot est putain de stupide."
  • Why ?
    "What the hell?"
  • Why ?
    "I need to find him."
  • Why ?
    "Stupidity. It runs in the family I guess."
  • "What about those that try and get out there and still get excluded? I see a lot of you dealing with this."
  • Why ?
    "This is interesting."
  • Why ?
    "That's scary. You don't want to be like me"
  • Why ?
    " Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth."
  • GTQ counties map?
    "Now you are unconfused. No harm. No foul."
  • Why ?
    "I woke up for this?"
  • GTQ counties map?
    "I don’t think DAV uses she/her pronouns."

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