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  • "Dark Is Not Evil M"
  • Losing Hope and Sleep
    "turns out snow is pretty awesome i havent felt real snow since a tiny bit less than a decade ago"
  • Imagine That
    "s--- that probs looked bad but I mean it if I was planning on leaving I would say"
  • Ideas for moi
    "Names that don't fit: AbstractIntelligence ;~; Best Left Forgotten SealYourDoomTonight OrchestraSymphony (NOOOOO)"
  • Division
    "I made Katana :DD https://postimg.cc/47wwgXkT"
  • Crazy Crafty
    "https://postimg.cc/47wwgXkT Katana Kunoichi"
  • Bunker 033
  • ~S I R E N~
  • Neverland
  • Division
    "Katana stood up and dumped her tray into a trash bin, then walked down the hallway leading to the library. She rarely ever was in there, and..."
  • Losing Hope and Sleep
  • Living in a Fantasy
    "Is it bad that I like the background more than him lmao?)) Thank you :) Did it look like how he was supposed to, or...?)) "
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