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  • "Thank you, Blake."
  • "Well you're just walking in here and you just assume I'm a hoe."
  • "I said sorry and most people forgave me, but comments like these still come my way: I think it his ex XD I heard she a hoe "
  • "I changed Miss.I Know Everything. @Bunny"
  • "It's Kurt. The whore who dated Jackie and me."
  • "Yeah...I did make an aloplogy thread in Offbeat and yeah, people forgive me but I don't think that I should be on here anymore. People like ..."
  • "*cough*ThankgodI'mnotdatingyouanymorewhore*cough* I didn't say nothing."
  • I'm sorry.
    "Yes..I understand. I know Zane..I've hurt you so much since then, haven't I?.."
  • I'm sorry.
    "I truley am sorry. I'm sorry for anyone that I hurt or that I was mean to. I just wanted friends. The first week I came, I tried so hard to ..."
  • "There's a tornado coming here.."
  • "Even thought it is true....that hurts...That made me think...I dont want to be mean...I dont like being called a whore ;~;"
  • Hey Nick.
    "Okay then! That's your choice. Well, we were at school and Zane went to the bathroom during class. So I grabbed his laptop an"
  • Hey Nick.
    "Aw Zane. How cute. I think it's funny. And Zane...Come over to my house and let me shave your hair~ Or your secret is out."
  • hey, guys
    "Look at my thread hot stuff. I know your secret~"
  • "Great.."

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