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  • Would I date you?
    [published: Jun 2, 2020, 2 comments]

    “Above your quiz there will be two paragraphs that introduce and explain your quiz. Write them here.” It says…

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  • emsie's thread <3
    "@“SugarGirl” 🙄 I have a girlfriend (my OC)"
  • Fck, Marry, Kill
    "F: chameleonleap M: jayfeather K: wow crazyinsane (sorry I don’t know you too well) New list Jayfeather310"
  • Keyboard's Kastle
    "Well feel better soon. K?"
  • Keyboard's Kastle
    "I like this pfp better."
  • Keyboard's Kastle
    "It’s not nothing. What’s wrong?"
  • Keyboard's Kastle
    "What’s wrong? You have a frowny face at the end of that sentence."
  • Keyboard's Kastle
    "This is what I look like now! I love this look so much! 💗"
  • Keyboard's Kastle
    "I dyed my hair blue! Like a deep blue, almost black."
  • counting worms
    "Girls girls girls stop fighting lmao"
  • counting worms
    "No he means he wants to eat them. 🙄"
  • im back from my hike!!!!
    "Are you Jacob?"
  • counting worms
    "Don’t touch these “blessed creatures?” Don’t touch my human how about that. Lmao HiddenLies"
  • counting worms
    "Oh but I can, I can shapeshift into things that you didn’t even know exist baby worm. I suggest you leave my human alone before"
  • counting worms
    "Get out Keyboard, I’m your guardian angel. *hisses*"
    "Oh and he means “assigned humans” as in the humans I’m supposed to protect in a near death, and if they do die then I take them to the after"

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