Would I date you?

“Above your quiz there will be two paragraphs that introduce and explain your quiz. Write them here.” It says that above every quiz, and I’m just like WHYYYYY

Now I’m just going to ramble about random stuff because I don’t know what to put here because you should know what this quiz is about by reading the title.

Created by: Silent_Hybrid

  1. Gender?
  2. Are you a female?
  3. Are you a part of the lgbt+ community?
  4. Do you like girls
  5. Are you a cuddly bean?
  6. Are you single or taken?
  7. What year we’re you born?
  8. Outgoing or withdrawn?
  9. Are you flirty with your significant other? (Answer this as if your significant other was me)
  10. Do you know my OG account?

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