Your 1800s life!! For girls!

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Hi. So this is a quiz about what your life would be like in the very very late 1700s to early 1800s. Most of the results are long. And you are probably not reading this.

As I say again, you are probably not reading these paragraphs. I never do. But Gotoquiz makes me write these paragraphs, so what the heck. I'm doing it.

Created by: Rygel

  1. Okay, hi! This is a quiz to see your 1800s life! Are you ready to get started? I am!
  2. GEORGE WASHINGTON GET DOWN HERE NOW! GW: Okay okay what do you want? Me: ask a question. Him: You pulled me out of my grave for this??? Me: JUST ASK IT NOW Him: Okay okay. Which word is your favorite?
  3. Okay. James, are you ready? James madison: Yeah. who is your favorite president? ME OF COURSE Me: YOU ARE MY FAVORITE BUT NOT EVERYBODY'S SO QUIT BEING SO VAIN!!!!
  4. Alex! Ask now! Alexander Hamilton: Okay crazy girl. How many kids do you want?
  5. Which one of these names are your favorite? I didn't like the other presidents. Sorry. Just answer the question! NOW!!!
  6. Choose an animal.
  7. Now choose a color. Sorry guys. dont kill me!!
  8. let fate decide. LET IT!!!!!
  9. Have you seen Hamilton?
  10. Okayyyy which of these elements are your favorite?

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Quiz topic: My 1800s life!! For girls!