How genderfluid are you?

This is a totally accurate quiz on how genderfluid you are. If you fail, you're not genderfluid (*gasp* What??!! me: I know! Wild~) Now, with that said, you can fail even if you're genderfluid. Don't ask me how that works. I don't know. I mean, I'm under the genderfluid umbrella and **I** could fail. Wow.

Anyways, jokes aside, this is not totally accurate. You gender cannot be determined by some random enby's quiz on the internet. If I'm wrong please do **not** come after me. I don't appreciate people insulting me, thank you very much. This is only to assist you. Good day!

Created by: WolfQueen
  1. First... does your gender change?
  2. "One day, I tell my new friend that I'm a demiguy and my pronouns are they/he. The next few days, I start to question how true that is. Have I accidentally told my newest friend the wrong thing? I'm feeling agender now! Well, that makes this a bit complicated. The next day I feel really feminine, and when my friend calls me "he" I feel really weird and uncomfortable. I need to tell my friend that I don't like "he" pronouns now!" Does this sound like you?
  3. "Sometimes my pronoun preference changes, but I don't feel a gender change. I always feel like a woman, but sometimes I want to be called they/them, sometimes she/her, sometimes he/him, and sometimes other pronouns, such as certain neopronouns I like. But I'm always a woman." Does this sound like you (but replacing the gender and pronouns so it matches you)?
  4. "I'm sometimes one gender, and sometimes another. I can't seem to find a single gender label that matches me all the time!" Does this sound like you?
  5. "I stay just one gender, all the time. Sometimes I wish it would change, just to help with some more variety. But, sadly, it does not." Does this sound like you?
  6. "I'm not a boy or a girl. I'm not nonbinary. I'm not genderless. I'm kind of all of the above, except at different times. I change between these or other genders. Does that make any sense?" Does this sound like you?
  7. "I'm always a girl, but I sometimes feel more strongly like a girl." Does this sound like you?
  8. Now these are some related but funny questions. Which of these describes your gender best?
  9. Which of these are you?
  10. Is your gender more of a solid, a liquid, or a gas?
  11. Do you experience gender dysphoria?
  12. "I asked at an LGBTQ+ pride rally: 'At what temperature does genderfluid turn into gendersolid?' They didn't know what to respond, and they exploded. I just ran away, giggling." Does this sound at all like you? In other words, are you genderfluid?
  13. Are you... gendersolid?
  14. How often does your gender change from one thing to another?
  15. Are you a boy or a girl?
  16. Gender?
  17. Finally, because I ought to take your opinion into account... Are you genderfluid? Also, bye, genderfluid geeks! And gendersolid geeks!

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Quiz topic: How genderfluid am I?