Are You Nonbinary?

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This quiz may help you find out that you may be Nonbinary or at least in the Nonbinary spectrum. You may be questioning and want to know if you are Nonbinary or just under the umbrella term of Nonbinary.

The quiz will have some specific questions about your questioning self. Nonbinary is a term that not all people understand, but maybe this quiz will help you if you're questioning your gender.

Created by: MarshalNonbinary

  1. Are you aware of the term Nonbinary?
  2. How do you express yourself?
  3. How Do You Dress?
  4. What Fits The Most?
  5. How Do You Identify?
  6. How Do You Feel About Being Called Attractive?
  7. "Yeah and then they said." You hear someone say this when talking about you. How Do You React?
  8. Pick One That Feels Comfortable.
  9. "My child." You hear your mom say that. How Do You Feel?
  10. AHHH! Did you like this test? Made by a Nonbinary! I want to contribute to my community

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Quiz topic: Am I Nonbinary?