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  • Your Score Is 75% 75%

    You are apart of the spectrum of Gender Queer which does include Nonbinary. You may be a different identity the just Nonbinary. You may be Agender, Nonbinary, Gender Queer, etc.

    Great Quiz!

  • I think I am male but sometimes I feel female but other times I dont I dont know if there is anything wrong with me. My om says that im gay for being a girl in roblox games and It confuses me? how Am I gay for wanting to look like sexy girl. I am boy but I like being girl sometimes but I also like being neither. Whats wrong with me? I got like a 25 percentages and I dont know if that means something. I always thought of being a boy mmy whole life. Im confused and scared mayb e i need some time to think about this new information I just gathered thank you for opening up my eyes to something. I might start going through hormones again. sincerely ftm to nmtf destranitioner

  • I don't know what my score means but I love the test

  • Although I got 8% score, I 99% liked this quiz!