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  • Almost Impossible to Pass
    [published: Jul 15, 2016, 1 comment]

    You are about to take a vary hard quiz. Read the information in the paragraph below and try your best.…

  • Do You Know How to Hate?
    [published: Jul 14, 2016]

    How much do you hate? This quiz measures how much you hate and your score could also reflect how…

  • Periodic Table Quiz
    [published: Jul 3, 2016]

    You are about to take a quiz on the periodic table. Read the questions carefully and do this quiz close book.…

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  • "Chain letters are everywhere now everyone hates them, they're not funny and the creators of chain letters should be banned indefinitely."

  • "My fav subject is science. I'm 13 years old only got 75% and seeing all the people my age doing infinitely better I actually suck at…"