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  • Would you be my friend?
    [published: Aug 19, 2017, 3 comments]

    True friends are people who are like family. Sisters that couldn't be handled by the same mother. If I……

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  • "Ordinary Miracle - Sarah Maclan"
  • "(Uh... Charley? It's nearly 4:45 pm.)"
  • ~New Flame~
    "It could be sunny though. Just saying. "
  • Cleo; The Misscreation
  • ~Stacy319~
    ""Who ya talking to Janko!?" Wendy, the leader of her friend group who hated Jeno and Abbie demanded. The other girls laughed except for one ..."
  • ~New Flame~
    "Perfect! But it doesn't need to be cloudy."
  • ~Stacy319~
    ""What happened to the princess and her handsome savior? Oh, and that prince was in the story too until her handsome savior betrayed her." Ab..."
  • ~Stacy319~
    ""Nope." Abbie laughed, rolling her eyes. "You're the chosen one Harry." She added, sticking her tongue out. "Really I just need to get out o..."
  • "( Well you'll just have to post again. My apologies friend. )"
  • ~New Flame~
  • ~New Flame~
    "Hi! So9rry I was eating lunch."
  • ~Stacy319~
    "Abbie took her book back. "Maybe I can sleepover your house some time this weekend and we can work on that science project?" Abbie suggested..."
  • Who wants to role play?
    "(Yeah, sorry.)"
  • "(Uh... I meant your character would get off the bus and examine the school or something.)"
  • Who wants to role play?
    ""All you have to do is be lucky caller number 4 and answer a question about Airplanes to win!" The radio said after the commercials. Belle q..."

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