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  • Hey I just met you...
    "@Rockstar I get it! :) Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I am Mothman, so let me chase you! Hey, I j"
  • "Thanks Sage! Ok, I'm on my phone. But I can't do quizzes on this thing because it took me forever to type this message. "
  • Deepest Darkest Secrets
    "I saw Mothman out my window once. I will never forget those glowing red eyes...."
    "Oh. Well, good luck with that! :D"
  • "I like ghosts. And I'm from Spain. Sage told me later that she has an inside joke with the name, so I used a poptropica ghost"
  • Would you rather?
    "Which is me!! XD Jersey Devil! LOL!! Sorry, I HAD to do that! OKOK!! Umm...Nessie or Chupacabra"
  • Would you rather?
    "@SG115 Yeah me neither, I just watch TDI on YouTube. Ever since Adventure Time came on the air, I was done. Umm...I guess Par"
  • Free Write!
    "The Jersey Devil is my life. I obsess over it... That's probably why its hiding. XD"
  • "Whoops! Heh...heh.... :) Sorry bout that guys! I was at Sage's house and I wanted to see the other entry. And I forgot about the "Remember m..."
  • "Jersey Devil: It still goes off and explodes. :( Spain: *smacks the Jersey Devil playfully* No! Bad Devil! >:("
  • Would you rather?
    "Devil! ;) Shrek or Puss in Boots? :)"
  • I hate my life
    "Take a deep breath, its just a bad day, not a bad life... :'("
  • "That's cool! I wish MY dream would come true..."
  • "Ever since I was seven, my mom. dad, and brother would take me to Barren Pines, New Jersey to see the birth place of the Jersey Devil on my ..."
  • Two Contest!
    "@Sconlionphobia Maybe you should go back and read what Natuhlee said earlier...that would help. 9_9"

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