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  • Death Lane
    "i can probably fill up a page with my alts"
  • Death Lane
  • Death Lane
    "never mind, i have 10 accounts not 7 planning to give most of em away tho"
  • Death Lane
    "this is another one of my alts, i have like 7"
  • Death Lane
    "snowlynx is~ quiz-deprived i think i'm just going to have four accounts or so, the rest go in the recycling bin or to other users"
  • Death Lane
    "this acc really needs sum quizzes lmao"
  • "can u get into the account?"
  • "or i could change the pass to what I quoteved you?"
  • "vio sorry the quotev i sent you was wrong try to get in by using what I sent you but C and S are the only capital letters besid"
  • Death Lane
    ":D That's amazing! You'll do great"
  • "sorry, didn’t see all of the thread title Iron Man Hulk Wanda"
  • Broken
    "It gets better eventually, but it makes you undergo a trial of suffering <3 persevere through life, no matter how muc"
  • Confessionssssss
    "I confess that my imaginary cat may have licked a cookie and I still ate it what? why are you looking at me funny"
  • 1x1...
    ""Maybe he could make a living with the money," Silvio agreed."
  • Death Lane
    "Me: mom I got an invite to a special thing :D for kids with the 95th percentile or above Also me: wait… most of the school got invited"

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