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  • "i just started last night oh yeah!!!"
  • "i has lost my vinginty allready why??? do you ask for you pervs"
  • "i want to meet pepole on the internet one day but i have got a las at the minute. i dont like the thought of it but maybe in 50 years.... NO..."
  • Yoga.
    "I think it is rubbish I used 2 do it myself @ school years ago and i think it is s**t i like yugurt but not yoga"

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  • "i have hust done how will you die quiz and it had said that i would die in a car crash and the 2nd worse one is i will die whilst hwving…"

  • "i have just done what wud be ur nerd type quiz and it is a load of s---"

  • "i have just done the where do u fit in this world quiz and it is true 4 a change and whoever made it has got commin sence 4 a change"

  • "i have just done the guess the theme song and it is a load of crap and also i scored 15% and it said that i dont have a t.v i have and i…"

  • "I have done the when I will die quiz and it is a load of s--- i dont belive in it"

  • "I don't like the idea of it cos i am not gay so i have not done it. some1 should of done DOES SHE LIKE ME?? do u know wot i mean like??"

  • "I don't think that is how I will die and it is a load of s--- cos I dont drive and I don't wear my seatbelt and I have had 2 60.00 fines…"