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  • Betrayed By Fate
    "Tera frowned slightly. "I don't know why, I'm not the one who judges, I'm the one who delivers judgement." She readied her blades in front o..."
  • Open house is tomorrow.
    "(But then again, my summer vacation started at the beginning of this month, whereas yours started in June. So overall we have the same amoun..."
  • Charlotte
    "(I'm not joining, but I just wanted to point something out about Charlotte. In the anime, everyone's powers have some sort of limiting facto..."
  • Open house is tomorrow.
    "(I still have another month off~)"
  • Are you sure, Mr. Doggy?
    "Dog: ...*bark* But I checked there before, and I didn't see it. Dog: ... Alright, I'll check ag"
  • "Shiori Sakurada Joukamachi no Dandelion"

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