Are You Datable?!

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One of the most common problems for a lot of people (maybe even you) is being too shy or scared to search for someone to date. What you need to do is relax, feel good and LOVE yourself first, after all YOU are special to others even if you don't know it!

Are you shy? If so think about this: Maybe the other person you are about to meet is shy too and needs YOU! Be a hero! Show your love and compassion that's within.

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  1. Are you single?
  2. Lonely?
  3. Age 18 or older?
  4. Dislike expensive date sites?
  5. Want to meet someone nice?
  6. Do you like FREE stuff?
  7. Do you like yourself?
  8. Do you like people in general?
  9. Dislike bullies?
  10. Dislike cheaters?

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Quiz topic: Am I Datable?!