How Datable Are You?

How datable are you? Are you disgusting? Are you delightful? Take this quiz now and see just how attractive you are to the opposite sex. You know you want to know.

Do you do things unconsciously to turn people off? Or are you the charmer everyone wants? Find out now! Warning-- you might not like what you read.

Created by: Andy of Give Me Andy!
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  1. Which of the following would you agree with?
  2. Are you currently employed?
  3. Which of the following locations is best for a first date/meeting?
  4. Select the correct sentence.
  5. Look at your nails right now. Is there dirt under them?
  6. How many quizzes similar to this one have you taken within the last hour?
  7. It's 3AM, your phone rings. What do you do?
  8. Do you snore?
  9. Which of the following is the 'safest' gift?
  10. How did your last relationship end?

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Quiz topic: How Datable am I?