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I did this because I was bored and wanted to know how many people would choose what I would choose. Also, I'm an IB student, and I just love procrastinating :) Have fun I guess!!!

If you're an IB student, good luck with the IB life. It sucks if you're not ready for it, and sadly I wasn't. Also, if you're thinking about doing it, close this page, turn of this computer and walk slowly backwards, and when you're sure no one else can see you, RUN AS FAST AS YOU f---ING CAN B*TCH WHY U THINKING ABOUT SELF-HARMING YOURSELF IN SUCH A DISGUSTING WAY?!

Created by: Miranda

  1. ...be a banana and slip on a man or be a man and slip on a banana?
  2. ...have a dog with no hair or have a cat with no hair?
  3. ...get married for love or for money?
  4. ...travel to Asia or to Europe?
  5. ...know how you are going to die or know how everyone else is going to die?
  6. ...travel to the past or to the future?
  7. ...know about every discovery that has been made until today or know about every discovery to be made in the next century?
  8. ...be a wizard or a demigod?
  9. ...be able to eat and not get fat or be able to carry any object no matter how heavy it is?
  10. ...have invisibility powers or be able to fly?
  11. ...be famous or be a nobody?
  12. ...get 2 million dollars right now or get 50 thousand every year for the rest of your life?
  13. ...ride a unicorn or a pegasus?
  14. ...read the book or watch the movie?
  15. ...only get 5 hours of sleep every day or sleep for 10 years straight and then never sleep again?
  16. ...eat something different every day or eat the same thing for the rest of your life?
  17. ...die young or old?
  18. ...be able to study without needing any breaks or be able to memorize anything in 5 minutes?
  19. ...be famous on Instagram or on Youtube?
  20. ...lie to save a life or tell the truth but kill someone by doing it?

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