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  • "You're actually pretty good! For a 13 year old, pretty good. I couldn't sing like that at 13 years old. You have a somewhat lowish-girly voi..."
  • "Can't find you, sorry... :3 Um, you can find me using email? christinelovesbieber13 @ hotmail .com without spaces :)"
  • "... I have Facebook. Can I add you?.."
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Gtg bai. Sorry, I'm going to go eat dinner."
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Okay, that's fine at least I know its you."
  • Hi everyone :)
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Yes, unless you're used to it because you hear it a lot lol."
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Haha, yup :3 I'm used to it now haha."
  • Hi everyone :)
  • Hi everyone :)
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Ohhh okay. It's 4:38pm here."
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Because you said, "I'll bookmark this thread till I get on my computer in an hour or two...""
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Okay, so I guess that means you're going? If so, then bye."
  • Damn, this is hot.
  • Hi everyone :)
    "Okay. If it's okay, can I add you on your fake one? I'm Christine LuffsBieber. Well, I hope you will be okay~"

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