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  • "lololol"
  • "i kno it is kinda desperate but I just lack the RL social skills so I am forced to live a depraved online sex life"
  • My password was 12345678
    "Look at how stupid I am"
  • Up For a Romance RP
    "Name: Amira Arima Age: 15 Gender: Female Grade: 10th Looks: Black, curly long hair. Hazel eyes. Medium skin, braces,"
  • The Pixie Girls
    ""Cmon guys, lets go to class" Anna said walking away"
  • Sacred Sisters
    "Alerhea laughed and continued to follow hunter. When she got to class she sat down"
  • Sacred Sisters
    ""yup" Alethea said, grabbing her books"
  • The Pixie Girls
    ""Ther you guys are!" Leanna said walking over to them, helping her friend with her books"
  • Sacred Sisters
    ""Okay!" Alethea replied. She was very exicited to be at school"
  • Diamond Eyes
    "Aqua saw her friends following her, and took a breath if relief. She didnt ant to be alone"
  • The Pixie Girls
    "You dont have to.)"
  • Hello peoples.
    "I dont have break. Gtg eat"
  • Sacred Sisters
    ""Alethea filed out the for papers in less then two minutes. "I think ill choose Music" She said, when the teacher came back"
  • Hello peoples.
    "nothin. Talking to my friends on"
  • Hello peoples.

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