does your crush/es like you?

does your crush like you as a friend , a peer, or as a crush! either way, your a great person! But don't get caught up in yourself, but make sure to enjoy this quiz!

Hi , my names Cassy and im 11 years old so please don't judge this quiz. But if you like this quiz , leave a comment and if you want, even suggest a quiz that i can make especially for you! :)

Created by: Its Me Cassy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your crush asked you for some help on a science quiz, you:
  2. what color are your eyes
  3. how often does your crush talk to you
  4. your crush and his friend invite you to play tackle football, you:
  5. whats your hair color
  6. favorite sport
  7. your crush sits next to you in bio and won't stop staring at you, you:
  8. your crush asked you to the dance but you were already going with Jake . you :
  9. your mom finally says you can have a boyfriend. Just great. Your crush asked you last year and you said no. And now he has a different girlfriend. You:
  10. Your crush tries to kiss you at a party. But your both only 12! You:
  11. Just great. Your crush knows that you like him. You:
  12. What do people like about you? ( this counts towards your result)
  13. did you like this quiz ? (this does not count)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush/es like you?