Did my crush noticed me?

Everyone have a crush once in a while. We can have a friend-crush, classmate-crush, whatever-crush, but mostly random crush. This kind of crush is the worst... You barely know the person, you only see them sometimes but not everyday... You don't even know if your crush have ever noticed you as you noticed them.

Ever wonder if your crush know that you exist? Want to determine if you could give it a shot and try to tak to them? Or you'll end up looking a creep? Take this quiz to know if your crush noticed you!

Created by: DumbassQuestionner

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where did you first see your crush?
  2. How many eye contacts do you have with your crush? (Every time you see each other in public)
  3. Did you ever speak to your crush?
  4. Do you know the name of your crush?
  5. How does your crush act near your presence?
  6. How many REAL friends (not Internet friends) do you have in common?
  7. How are the looks of your crush?
  8. Does your crush have a special feature in common with you?
  9. What age is your crush?
  10. How is the physical expression of your crush? (Their gestures, the way they talk)

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