Do I Have A Crush?

Only you truly know if you've got a crush, but if you're unsure, take this quiz!

Created by: Azalieah
  1. Do you go to school with this guy?
  2. When you talk to him or he talks to you, your attitude is...
  3. What type of guy is he? (You don't see the relevance this has, right?)
  4. Do you think about him a lot?
  5. Is he the last thing you think about when you go to sleep, and the first you think about when you wake?
  6. Does your mood change when you see him?
  7. If someone told you that he liked you, even if you weren't sure it was true, and may just be a rumour...
  8. Let's say your crush walks up to you and says hi, how do you react?
  9. If you caught your crush looking at you...
  10. Does he ever tease you?
  11. Are you thinking of him now?

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