Does he like you?

have you ever wondered if your crush likes you or not. everyone does, so take this quiz and find out. see what percentage you too are compatible, 25%, 50%, or even 100%. so DO IT NOW! :)

this quiz is about finding out if that little cutie you had a crush on for a while likes you or not. results may very so if your not happy with it dont make it your main priority right now. this quiz was made out of fun and tons of BORDOM. and i guess your taking this because your on the computer and you happen to land in this site or because your bored too. so enjoy!!!

Created by: destinee

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you guys talk what does he do?
  2. when you walk passed him does he..
  3. do you know anything about him?
  4. does he know anything about you?
  5. did he ever ask you to do anything with him - movies, lunch, a walk in the park, etc.
  6. if he just walked in a room and you were sitting there with a free chair right beside you he would..
  7. does he ever talk to his friends about you?
  8. does he flirt with you?
  9. do you guys have stuff in common?
  10. does he always make fun of you?

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