Does He Like You?

This quiz is for GIRLS ONLY! Also follow my twitter and my please! I would love you to do this! Also #Anime all over my tweets so you can be part of my club! Thanks!

Have you ever wondered if that special crush or that weird dork in your class likes you? Then Fear Not! Take this quiz to find out if he likes you or not!

Created by: CookieClicker
  1. Does He Flirt?
  2. How Old is he compared to you?
  3. What do you two have in common?
  4. Do you have a phone? If Yes then did he add you on any social networking site? If No then skip this question
  5. Do you know basic personal info about him?
  6. When you talk who talks first?
  7. Do any of you watch Kawai Complex?
  8. Are you sure that you like him?
  9. Obsessed Much?
  10. Bai

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