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  • Could We Be Best Friends?
    [published: Jul 15, 2012, 1 comment]

    This quiz will tell you whether we could be best friends or not. I am very diffrent, and it is pretty……

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  • Zelda
    "I didn't mean like like. I meant you dont seem annoying but everyone makes conclusions without thinking"
  • Zelda
    "I know that gesh e.e"
  • Zelda
    "Its in the recent posts xP"
  • Zelda
    "Im not 10 wtf. Im 14 e-o"
  • Zelda
    "Cool. Your names Mike right?"
  • Zelda
    "Idk why, but I like you. You probably don't know me. Im Ruethia."
  • *is in a dim room*
    "Gtg bye"
  • *is in a dim room*
    "*kicks a black punching bag*"
  • Name's Meteora.
  • More whores?
    "Zane: Bye."
  • Offbeat has officially
  • More whores?
    "Zane: That sucks."
  • More whores?
    "Zane: Still don't have your account?"
  • More whores?
    "Zane: I did not know that *huggles icy*"
  • Kole
    "*looks down* nothing.."

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