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  • "I guess it's just the idea of them being in an anime character form- So they don't like the character that kills, they like the character th..."
  • Bleach roleplay
    ""No- I mean..." He paused a bit before moving closer putting a hand on the boys shoulder. He noticed the tears and softly, with his thumb wi..."
  • "XD Anyone say anything about it?"
  • Bleach roleplay
    "Ken ignored his question and moved closer kneeling down beside him. "I... have a feeling that what I am doing is not the right way to make f..."
  • Bleach roleplay
    "Thinking he made a bad choice- Kenkura stood. The bottle of the strange liquid empty as he had drank it. What was it? In time you will see. ..."
  • Kiss, Mary, Kill..
    "Marry myself, kiss phoenix and kill snow- (Sorry, i'll revive you.) Puppet Ello 1714"
  • "That's a dangerous sandwich XD"
  • "Agreed."
  • Bleach roleplay
    ""Well that's a shame-" He said sitting up ontop of the chest messing with the viles. He just wanted a friend- This not the right way then? H..."
  • Bleach roleplay
    ""How do you know what I want?" Kenkura asked softly as he opened up a chest that was in the room taking out some bottles of liquid with weir..."
  • Bleach roleplay
    "(Kenkura knows martial arts as well. :3) Kenkura walked into his room and sighed ignoring what the boy said as he grabbed some "
  • Bleach roleplay
    "(Yup pretty much.) "What spiritual pressure?" Ken asked arms still crossed as he shrugged turning away. "How can you fight with"
  • "Heh, daddy is hilarious- They are a good tag team I guess."
  • A Friendly Conversation
  • Bleach roleplay
    ""Yes,i will." Kenkura smirked. "And how do you get by looking like a slut with those outfits you wear?" he chuckled. "Not that I mind- It's ..."

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