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  • Does this guy like me?
    "So this is kinda freaky. I know a dude who acts the same! Even down to the elbow shoulder thing! Well in your situation. This guy is cur..."
  • Love is hard as hell
    "I have a very complex romance thing, I want you to give me advise, but it's going to be super long and complex. Are you up 4 the challenge?..."
  • Post a song...
    "^ ^ That how I feel. I don't wish my feelings upon anyone."
  • Post a song...
    "Car radio, 21 pilots."
  • "I want to know why I should vote for Hillary or Trump. Please give me real reasons not: Anyone but Hillary. Well trump said... These"
  • I have a question
    "I'm sorry girl. Don't hate me, but he probably doesn't like you. It sounds like it's not you, it probably something going on in his life; ..."
  • "I'm going to vote this year and I don't want to. So please tell me WHY I should vote for either Hillary or Trump. I want real reasons, not..."

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