Are you steet smart or book smart (TEENAGER VERSHION)

Are you Street smart or Book smart. Sure you're smart, but even Albert Einstein failed math. If you're a teen and what to know if you're street smart or

book smart. Take this quiz to find out. :)

Created by: Ray Mic Mac
  1. What books do you read?
  2. How many of these do you know? Lit, Shade, Fly, THOT, Bech, Dope, HBIC, bra, Bf/Gf, POS, rides, tool, squad, YOLO, ship. Etc.
  3. What social media things do have?
  4. Do you live in the hood?
  5. Are you a fan girl or boy?
  6. Do you watch YouTube or Vine?
  7. Without using google, tell me which sentence is correct. A: You're street smart. B: Your street smart.
  8. Who sang Cheap thrills BESIDES SIA.
  9. Can you hold a LONG conversation about a book or movie that you have never watched or read?
  10. Who wrote No Country for Old Men?
  11. Do you have to boil water when you are at/near the peak of a mountan.
  12. Do you watch practically every new movie that comes out?
  13. Have you ever been in a ambulance?
  14. If an stranger offered you a unopened packet M&M's would you take it?
  15. What are your grades in school?
  16. Be honest. Do you cheat on tests?
  17. If you answered yes to the last question then tell me how you do it.
  18. Do you learn for experience, or other people's experience?
  19. Have you skipped a grade?
  20. Do you have a squad?
  21. What have you been called?
  22. Do you randomly tell facts to people?
  23. This is the last question. Do you think that you are book smart or street smart?

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Quiz topic: Am I steet smart or book smart (TEENAGER VERSHION)