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I believe everyone is smart in their own way . I'm really smart in English but not soo well in maths . Do you see what I mean. Try thus quiz and see what you're smart at .

Are you a true genius ? Do you have the brains like Albert Einstein. But thanks to this amazing quiz in just in a couple of minutes to you will find out.

Created by: China.J
  1. What is the past tense of cut ?
  2. 100 divided by 25
  3. Whay is global warming?
  4. What is the capital of Guyana ?
  5. Beef, Cotton, Pork ,Chicken. Which one does not belong ?
  6. If Farmer Dell has 100 rows of carrots , 300 rows of cabbage and 225 rows of lettuce . How much does he have in all ?
  7. How many types of vertebrates are there ?
  8. How many members founded CARICOM?
  9. I am green outside in white ish inside and has a lot of seeds?
  10. 5,10 ,15 ,20 ,25 _

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