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  • ""Ha! I reported your quiz you bratty little b----!" --Ansley323127

    ARE U KIDDING? what were you five when you made this? 4 years…"

    In response to Ansley323127:

    "Ha! I reported your quiz you bratty little b----!"

  • "She isnt calling everyone a brat. And if you knew what that means.. IT MEANS YOUR ANNOYING just what this test is for to see if your…"

    In response to Ansley323127:

    "Quiz creator I am not a brat. And by the way you…"

  • "55%!? It says she is just trying to make me not take advantage of her. SHE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF ME......."

  • "Your tounge hangs out... We breathe like humans.. We do not need to pant and hang out our tongue like wolves and dogs ya know. -///-"

    In response to Wolfqueenz:

    "91% i mean, I do have a tendency to bite stuff…"

  • "Pfft I am 89%??? I am a "house dog" tell that to the annoying kid I punched at school today and got detention with! -_-"

    In response to vampire16:

    "You are 89% like a wolf.