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  • "*poke* Did she shoot herself again?"
  • "WHOA! HOLD THE PHONE! BORRA RULES! and for you Makorra idoits,it KorraXBolin"
  • Im soo bored
    ":/ I wish we had more tests..."
  • I feel like going into a
    "I don't have time for this, i will adress it with the main office but i have to go."
  • I feel like going into a
  • Truth or Dare?
    "can i have a dare?? i know im on duty right now but it wouold be fun."
  • I feel like going into a
    "Is this correct urm, Miss desk lady?"
  • I feel like going into a
    "Did someone call the P.O.T.G? Im the new member, Police id, 67884335."
  • kierra, soap?
    "I come down. "so what did they call you around these parts?""
  • Soap....
    "I take a big bite and hand some over to jessie. "yea same question here""
  • "Duh! of course i hate you *blast in into a tornado when barney comes up* Wait,what?!?!? i thought you were dead. Barney: Im Never dead as lo..."
  • Good news!
    "Hi! silver: hiss! *goes behind raven and flings claws into the air* oh ignore her, she is a cat."
  • Good news!
    "But she is still in cat form. silver: meoooow *pets*"
  • "sis im not that bad , all i say is that you guys should at least try to watch or read one of the books or movies. After that i really dont c..."
  • "fine ill go find something else to play on......"

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