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    "13 year old problems."
  • B-but... But...
    "hello kirbs and gracy my sexyy rabbits"
  • boy singers and bands
    "why do girls like them so much??? my girlfriend never shuts up about one direction or that gay faaaaaag justin beieber. its so annoying but ..."
  • justin beieber
    "my girlfriend loves him as well as one direction"
  • one direction!!
    "speak. my girlfriend loves them"
  • Hey everyone.
    "I dont like blondes i like brunettes and black haires.... and im good in bed and i have muscles. just saying but if you dont want me then il..."
  • Hey everyone.
    "do u have a boyfriend kribby? Im single and im good at a lot of things ;) ;). ok bye and if you want my skype just email me at: [no emails]"
  • "On any site (Facebook, GoToQuiz... etc whatever)"
  • "Leisures, clubs, sports etc."
  • "1. What Makes You Beautiful 2. One Thing 3. More Than This 4. Another World 5. Gotta Be You In no"
  • "im feeling so sad about it :'( he said he didnt like me because my friend went up to my crush and asked, "hey do u like georgia? she likes y..."
  • List your favourite
    "Any songs you listen to when you feel like giving up."
  • "Should kids in elementary to middle school be dating?"

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