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  • "Bella the Banana's Horrible Journey through the Stomach of Izzy "Yummy, a banana!" Izzy said excitedly. Izzy stared intensely"
  • I'm leaving GTQ
    "The Geek, no offense, but that doesn't help a little bit. And my birthday is on Jul.26 I'll finish my story quiz before then. I gotta eat my..."
  • I'm leaving GTQ
    "Well atleast you guys care.Maybe i could stay until my birthday."
  • About You app
    "I cant access my QUIZFIZZ account. I can access this one."
  • I'm leaving GTQ
    "I'm not mad at anyone. I just wanna die. My nicest frien Norma is leaving Winston-Salem and moving back to the Philippines.Also, no one I kn..."
  • About You app
    "Hey,All of my previous accounts have been hacked and I have no access to them anymore. I dont care, BUY THE STANKIN APP!..."
  • About You app
    "So, a few minutes ago I bought an app called About you that tells how many days you have until your birthday. And if you check on the app on..."
  • "So my classmate hates school. So he overeats then sticks his finger in his throat. So he didn't show up to class and he was in school. Craz..."
  • I need tips on drawing.
    "I know about this site called dragoart. You can practice drawings there. It teaches you how to draw them."
  • Whats your nationality?
    "American and African. My mom is from Africa and my dad is American."
  • "I mean wizards and witches who are alive.I'd get my friend to do it but she will not go on gtq."
  • Magic Circle
    "The Geek, I'll be glad to make you leave. Blossom,as for you,tell me your wish and I'll try to help you."
  • "If our earth ends, lets go that other earth ASAP"
  • "Try my other thread called Magic Circle to help people if they need help with wishes or they need info or they need help with their magic.T..."
  • Magic Circle
    "Please, no rude comments. This thread talks about and answers questions from different people. And don't say mean things like "this isn't re..."

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