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  • I have some ideas.
    "What are they"
  • "Try and hang out with him more. It'll get him too know you more which might cause him to like you"
  • "I think he might like you still. And it sucks but you can't stop people from liking you."
    "Tell your friends to back off. Tell them "listen I like this guy and I want him to like me too, and he won't if you guys keep doing this and..."
  • Here are my characters!
    "She sounds like a girl I'd hang with"
  • ....someone help me..?
    "You could be really sick. Its not good to be puking blood"
  • ....someone help me..?
    "You should call the hospital"
  • "Moves"
  • ...
    "I know"
  • ...
    "My parents found out I had and they told me not to and people don't get its hard to just stop. I haven't don't it in several months and when..."
  • "Moves"
    "That's awesome rain what do you draw?"
  • "Moves"
    "I can't draw real people and I've only done 1 sketch that turned out good. But what's EVH?"
  • "Moves"
    "I draw like a LOT of anime"
  • "Moves"
    "That tends to happen with my songs or drawings"
  • "Moves"
    "That's cool"

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  • "NikkiDaRapper I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Me and most of my friends are all fire. I find people who get fire really cool. I…"