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  • Plot Thread
    "Posting this to keep all my old ones in case I still like any of them, and to post any new ones I have. "
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "I've never had a really long thread and I always said I would have one so this is gonna be it this is my thread and dammit if I lose it"
  • Shounen-Ai recommendations?
    "Not really looking for anything raunchy. If you know any Shounen-Ai that is 90-100% plot and not just every episode full of smut scenes I'd ..."
  • Genuine question
    "In one of mine, my character died. The ending was planned and mutually agreed upon so that we'd both be happy with it. Can't remember who it..."
  • King Leaf of GTQ
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "Hey!!! That's totally okay. I understand lol. Did I draw something? I don't even remember that you'll have to send it to me on disc haha. Ye..."
  • GTQ Discord
    "It's not necessarily a gaming it, it's a chat app that you can use for gaming with friends if you want. But it's for chatting/messaging as a..."
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "Back for one day and stalked already lmao. Yeah this place used to be poppin and that's part of why I left. But also why I'm excited that th..."
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "I think when you joined was around the time that I descended in the Stage hole and wasn't in the lounge much."
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "But yeah I do miss it. I used to spend hours and hours here everyday so it was a big part of my life and it comes to mind every once in a wh..."
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "Haha I kind of just drop in every few months. Sometimes I post when I do and sometimes I just scroll through for a while. I got excited when..."
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "New profile pic since that other one is old as hell"
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "Thanks Jeeshan :) happy to be back"
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "oh dang heard. going to avoid that then since I'm still Advanced after seven years haha"
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "oh good haha thanks"

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