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Thread Topic: Genuine question

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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    How many of you have actually finished a roleplay/soap without abandoning it halfway through? How did the ending go?
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    Ollie is Silence Advanced
    In one of mine, my character died. The ending was planned and mutually agreed upon so that we'd both be happy with it. Can't remember who it was with.
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    PointlessDreams Advanced
    that was with meeeee!! your character had cancer, it was really sad

    counting that one, i've 'finished' two, but there were a couple where we just went on to the next generation/a new plot because we liked the characters and story so much we couldn't give it up just because the original plot was finished
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    katqueen45 Senior
    I asked the same question in the lounge once (don't bother looking for the thread, it was a reeeaaally long time ago)
    But I think a select few people have. It just depends on how patient you are and how willing you are to not letting a roleplay you love to die. It's definitely a thing that can happen though

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