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  • "run"

    In response to Vhagar:

    "I Was Born Strong, I Don't Feel Pain, I'm 16…"

  • "summon the gray ladies taxi. (duh). or walk. its on the north coast of long island."

    In response to AshDarkWolf:

    "I am a child of Hades. Death does not faze me.…"

  • "its of the nrth coast of long island. i'll ask chiron about all u ppl but no promises."

    In response to AphroditesFille:

    "So uhm I think I'm the daughter of Aphrodite…"

  • "if ur a daughter of athena on here then ur prob not, cuz no wise person would give there name and info to all these monsters."

    In response to Narissa:

    "Hello, my name is Narissa, or you can call me…"

  • "also wish this quiz is a lie. also if ur on here, then ur prob not a demigod. i got some kids in cabin nine to help me out here."