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  • "How Italian are you?
    Your Result: not Italian at all

    Real life: I'm 100% Italian born and raised in northern Italy. The thing…"

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  • "I quote what I got in this quiz: ''You've never even heard of Parmesan cheese! You put us to shame! Go back to France and eat your…"

  • "Hello, these tests are funny. I'm from Italy, according to this quiz I'm only a half Italian who whishes I was a full blooded one. In the…"

  • "PS: I've written cosi' cosi' the correct way, this website doesn't post the final vowels with accent."

  • "Ahahaha! This is the most comic quiz I've read on here. I'm from northern Italy and turns out I'm Italian ''cosi cosi''...apart from the…"

  • "I'm Italian born and raised in northern Italy. Let me tell you here in the north we don't spend holidays at home with huge family to eat a…"

  • "Ahaha, I'm 100% Italian born and raised in northern Italy and turns up I'm only 70%. Yes, I've written that my favourite food is soup:…"

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