How ITALIAN are you?!?

Many people think they are Italian. Some believe they are Italian. There are only some TRUE ITALIANS! Here on this quiz will be determined if you are Really Italian.

Do you think, believe, OR know your Italian? Well than this quiz is for you. You will most likely know by this quiz if you are an Italian, or your a 'fake' Italian.

Created by: Andrew
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where is your family from?(or closest to these locations)
  2. What does this mean: "Prego"?
  3. Who was the dictator in Italy during WWII?
  4. Which word is in Italian?
  5. What does the Italian word, in the above question mean?
  6. How do ITALIANS celebrate holidays?
  7. Is your family from ITALY at all?
  8. What are the first two words in the Italian Anthem?
  9. Are you a GUIDO Italian?
  10. If you were to come across an Italian, what would be the first thing you say to him/her?

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Quiz topic: How ITALIAN am I?!?