How Italian are you?

Everyone wants to be Italian but who is a true Italiano or Italiana? Even if your not a true blooded italian try it out everyone seen all the great movies i.e. The Godfather, Goodfellas, even A Bronx Tale. Even in those movies you can learn a thing or two about being italian so study hard and take this great quiz to see if your a true to the heart italian or just a RAT!!!!!!!!

Are you a real Italian? or even someone who loves all things italian? If you are you should take this great test and see how much you know, wheather its about family life style, to the food they eat, even the music they listen to, the way they celibrate holidays, They are 100% unique, so try it out you may surprise yourself. So grab a cannoli and some coffee and take this test. Make "The Family PROUD!!!!"

Created by: Jen of myspace
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  1. When you hear "Thats Amore" you...
  2. To you whos the best cook?
  3. On Christmas eve you eat...
  4. In your family you have how many cousins?
  5. When you disobey "the family" what would happen to you?
  6. At Christmas what is the song everyone sings?
  7. Who invented the telescope?
  8. Every time you go to a relatives house what is the First thing they ask you?
  9. What does you nonna give you to get rid of any health problem?
  10. In American we celibrate St. Pattys day, on that same day in Italia they celibrate...?

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Quiz topic: How Italian am I?