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  • I did it again..
    "You can't help if her if she doesn't say her issue. She just wants attention that she hurt herself."
  • I did it again..
    "People that state the truth? Fine. :P your issue not mine."
  • I did it again..
    "The she should tell her friends. But she doesn't. She just makes a bunch of threads that say, "I'm not going to do it anymore" "I did it aga..."
  • I did it again..
    "What the fuk? You go from depressed and all whiny about loosing friends to spaz to a depressed person again. -.- do something about your iss..."
  • a dumb rant
    "I will. As soon as the REAL creator of this thread does. This was planned, we aren't just randomly hating on you."
  • a dumb rant
    "More like you don't f---ing know me. This account anyways."
  • a dumb rant
    "I have to agree. :P"
  • hats

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