Selena's Quiz!!

This is a quiz that I made for my friendy Selena I hope she likes it cuz I worked extra hard on it just for her. YOU BETTER LIKE THIS QUIZ, SELENA!!!

So, yeah... If your Selena, this quiz will make a lot more sense than if your not... If your not... Sucks to be you, cuz this is gonna look pretty random.

Created by: The Coldest Sun

  1. Hi!!
  2. I hate sushi... Even though I've never tasted it.
  3. Seriously, who eats raw fish!?!?!
  4. Maybe I think Gemma's too uptight? What do you say to THAT?!?!?
  5. Nah, I'm kidding. I like Gemma. And James!
  7. What is calamari?
  8. Calamari sounds gross. *wonders if Takos would give me some pineapple*
  9. Sulfur still isn't uptight.
  10. That proves nothing.
  11. I am very sure.
  12. o.O Point taken. But I still hate seagulls.
  13. Sulfur rocks.
  14. Do you have a frying pan with you?
  15. Quiz almost over.
  16. Bye, person.

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