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  • OMFG!
    "Exactly wtf, I asked the 7 year old if she was bi and she said yes and the 5 year old is there with her tongue in her hole. o.O"
  • This is the worst
    "The doctors found out he has a brain tumor and his mum called me a while ago and told me and now I cannot stop crying and I will just leave ..."
  • This is the worst
    "My gf broke up with me and one of my friends is in the hospital :'("
  • This is the worst
  • *cries*
    "@Hatshepsut237 Aww sorry. Thanks. *hugs you*"
  • *cries*
    "She came up to me and said "We are through" and walked away and i followed her crying and asking her what i did and she wouldnt answer and s..."
  • Happy Valentime's Day
    "Same here :/"
  • *cries*
    "Yeah *cries more* I hate her she's so mean. D;"
  • *cries*
    "No. I'm a girl."
  • *cries*
  • "Same here Hatshepsut237."
  • *cries*
    "I'm very sad and have no one to comfort me. :'("
  • *cries*
    "my gf broke up with me :'("
  • Who here likes
    "I love that song!!! 3 Doors Down is awesome too."
  • Who here likes
    "@Heph Oh cool."

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