Are You Gothic, Tomboy, Preppy, Ect?

Nerd, random, girly, gothic, emo. All are stariotypes that spred wildly mostly in school. If you are sad, or depressed, or even remotly happy all the time, you can find out what you are.

Are you nerdy?? Or maybe tomboy? what about gothic?? This quiz will tell you what oher peolpe might think you are. Simple and easy, this quiz will help you find out!

Created by: madi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Faveorte color outta these?
  2. Faveorite Animal Outta These?
  3. Do you like poetry?
  4. You are walking in the woods and you see a bear. What do you do?
  5. Squirrel!
  6. How is life going?
  7. If you were in a play and your part had to wear a skirt, you would-
  8. If you listen to music what type do you like?
  9. Would you like to go see a MONSTER TRUCK rally??
  10. Do you like skulls and crossbones?
  11. Ya, this is very usless, but pick a smiley:
  12. Do You like Hello Kitty??
  13. You burn your hand on a stove, you say:

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Quiz topic: Am I Gothic, Tomboy, Preppy, Ect?