how gothic are you?

there are many people in the world who are gothic or at least think that they are gothic.What is gothic?Gothic is when you are dark.GOOD OR BAD DARK?that depends on you!!!!!

Are YOU gothic?Try to find out with this beautiful and trustworthy quiz.Until now you could just think about how gothic you are/can be,but thanks to this full trustworthy quiz you can find out how gothic you are after you take just ten easy and simple questions!Thank you so much for taking my quiz!!

Created by: Shaah

  1. which is your favourite color?
  2. wich color is your hair?
  3. which part of the day is your favourite?
  4. do you think you are gothic?
  5. if your friend was in danger what would you do?
  6. how do you dress?
  7. do you have any accessoires?
  8. what is the color of your room(the color your parents want to have the room)?
  9. what is the color of your room(the color you want your room to be)?
  10. what do you think your results are?

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Quiz topic: How gothic am I?