Are you a Wyverian Gothic?

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A Wyverian Gothic is known for protecting the world from the worst monsters that have ever set foot on earth much anywhere else! Clad in armor, they slash even the strongest rock like butter!

Do you pillage the skies slaying malevolent dragons, ferocious wyverns and mystical unicorns? find out here! But beware, it's harder to be one than it sounds!

Created by: WyverianGothic
  1. What weapon would a Wyverian Gothic carry at all times aside from his/her sword and shield?
  2. What type of armor do they wear?
  3. What do they eat?
  4. What symbol is sometimes placed on a Wyverian Gothic's cape?
  5. What happens to a Wyverian Gothic when they die?
  6. What three instruments can they play?
  7. What do they value most in life?
  8. What would you find in their pockets?
  9. (Hardest) What is the most powerful weapon found in the White Sky Castle?
  10. This is something I imagined on my own, so if it's hard I understand. I'f you wan't me to write you the story I will if you ask in the coments.:D plz comment/rate

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Quiz topic: Am I a Wyverian Gothic?