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  • Blizzard & Me.
    "George hummed softly. "Does bacon and eggs sound okay?" He asked. (okay!) Bad sighed quietly. "We can ask Lem. Xey"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "George smiled, happy to see Dream visibly doing better. Bad swallowed again, nodding slightly. "Okay." His voice was shaky and "
  • Blizzard & Me.
    ""Good." George said softly. "C'mon, let's go." He said softly, squeezing Dream's hand tight. Bad swallowed, shaking his head. ""
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(:D) George smiled, hopping off the bed happily. "You look much better today." He said quietly. Bad put an arm aro"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(yayayay!!) George giggled. "I love you." He whispered. Bad frowned, squeezing Skeppy's hand. He was quickly losin"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(yayayayy!!! i love you!!) George giggled, getting up quickly. "You're so handsome." He sai softly. Gold nodded. ""
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(really?) George smiled. "C'mon then, you!" He said happily, leaning down and kissing Dream's forehead. Gold nodde"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(i'm trying my best!) George smiled. "Then we'll go make breakfast, and take your meds after. It would probably be best to have"
  • "i am horribly shaky"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(i don't think it's best, but i know it is what i should do.) George smiled. "Do you want to come with me while I make breakfas"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(it's okay. i'm just gonna mask until i feel better. i'm pretty damn good at masking.) George smiled. "Can you take your medici"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(i think i sprained my ankle. either that or slightly chipped it. i'm in a hell of a lot of pain right now. i'm also struggling with severe ..."
  • Fire in the Dark
    "i am in so much pain. i swear i sprained an ankle, it hurts so bad. i'm barely mentally stable, and i have horrid body dysmorphia rn, but we..."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "(i'm in a lot of pain and no very mentally stable, but it's alright. how are you?) Georeg smiled sleepily down at Dream. "Hi, h"

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