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    "luna get a spark in her eye "friends yes" she hugs Akira"
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    ""well its been pretty good since i met you" Luna said"
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    "good and you"
  • Vibes.
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    ""no i just moved here""
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    "as they walked luna was so excited to make a friend.. after class"
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    ""algebra to" luna smiled the bell rings "Wanna walk together?" luna askes"
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    ""luna" she said smiling she sticks her hand out for a handshake"
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    "Luna tried not to giggle the bully got red in embarrassment and walked away. Luna walked to Akira "thanks" she said"
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    "Luna is at school "nerd" some boy says to her"
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    "(yeah that's how we meet) "but mom" luna wined tired "no but mom me young lady you're gonna be late for school," lunas m"
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    "umm just go with the flow ill start... "Luna wake up sweetie" Lunas mom said opening Lunas door"
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    "ok my turn Name:luna Age:18 Gender:woman Sexuality:lesbain yes "
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    "no nonbianay lost my acount and forgot the username TwT"

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