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  • Hey
    "IM not stupid!"
  • Soap?
  • Soap?
    "I used the moons powers to make a wave to catch thier boat and speed them to this island."
  • Hey
    "And i helped out !......................alot XD"
  • Soap?
    "(has this soap died for real this time .-.?)"
  • xD hi
    "ok, i did not know that, silver only mentioned the part about having to say it too alex, she did not say only three times XD"
  • xD hi
    "I said i was leaving the thread and i did."
  • Soap?
    "Since the cloth was made out of silver moon light it greew back where it was torn and i watched as a boat approached the island."
  • xD hi
    "lol! i did it, everyone did it. he is officaly freaked out!"
  • "*smiles* Hey ale *creepy laughs* Angel has left and i shall leave this thread too but i will still be breathing."
  • "*smiles* Hey ale *creepy laughs* Angel has left but will return"
  • Soap....
    "(just so you guys know silver is gone)"
  • Soap?
    "I reach the forest and make silver cloth and puts it over the hole where she slept so the glow could not come out. I burst the sparks so ev..."
  • "*goes to ale**smiles* Hey ale *creepy laughs* Angel is here"
  • Soap?
    "I see the sun is still behind the moon so i head to what used to be the sun forest but now is cloakedd in moonlight."

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